JobRad / bike leasing

What is Leasing?

There is a simple concept behind the leasing offer from You choose the bike you want in our shop and purchase it directly from your employer via a leasing contract similar to a company car. The best thing about it: By leasing the bike in cooperation with the leasing provider JobRad, both you and your employer save money and at the same time do something good for the environment and your health.

With Airtracks and JobRad you get a high-quality company bike

More and more companies are opting for company bikes instead of company cars. You too can benefit from our cooperation with JobRad and enjoy a high-quality company bike.

Get your company bike in 3 easy steps


Put your desired bike in the shopping cart. When leasing, the minimum price for a job bike is 749.00 euros. Select "Job bike" as the payment method


After you place your order, we will upload a suitable offer to Jobrad for you and all you have to do is confirm it. The offer will then be sent to your employer for approval. Your bike will be reserved for you for 10 days.


After JobRad has received and checked the documents, we receive approval to ship your bike. After 3-5 days of shipping, the bike will be delivered to your home.

Take advantage of company bike leasing

As an employee, you benefit in several ways from a company bike that you purchase through and JobRad. The biggest advantage is the freedom to choose the model. It doesn't have to be a functional bike. On the contrary, you have complete freedom of choice between trekking bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes and even high-quality racing bikes.

Interesting bicycle leasing: tax burden for employees decreases

Since the leasing rate, service costs and insurance for the JobRad are deducted from your gross salary and not your net salary, you save money through lower income tax. A JobRad is therefore significantly cheaper than financing a high-quality bike through a salary increase. But that's not all - if you wish, you can get a new bike after 36 months by leasing a bike via JobRad.

Which bicycles are available at JobRad:

The choice is yours: whether it's a city bike or touring bike, mountain bike or racing bike, Pedelec or S-Pedelec, recumbent or cargo bike - every bike can be a JobRad!

Since every order involves administrative effort, a minimum value of €749 including VAT applies to JobRad. Through JobRad for the self-employed, you can lease bikes from a sales price of €1,499 including VAT.

Please note: The employer is free to restrict the selection at JobRad, for example to certain types or a maximum price.

Difference between JobRad and JobRad for the self-employed:

JobRad for the self-employed enables self-employed people, freelancers and tradespeople to lease bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes.
Further information on Jobrad self-employed leasing can be found at: form leasing request

What happens after leasing:

The individual leasing contract for a JobRad runs for 36 months. After this, the right of use ends and the JobRadler must return the JobRad.

But: Jobrad intends to make the JobRadler an offer to purchase the JobRad at the end of the term, provided that Jobrad takes it over from the leasing company. Unfortunately, Jobrad cannot include this purchase offer in the contract as binding, because this would also contradict the provisions of the leasing decrees of the tax authorities. The purchase offer is based on the residual value of the JobRad, which is calculated at 18% of the sales price.

More information:

JobRad has set up an extensive FAQ page for you: