Bicycle shipping

Information for our customers

The shipping of bicycles is only possible within Germany and in Germany (mainland) completely free of charge to the curb!

Please note that an island surcharge of 75.00 EUR will be charged for shipping bicycles within Germany (island).

The bikes are delivered 98% fully assembled . Only the handlebars and pedals need to be fixed. The final assembly ready for use must be carried out by a qualified person.

Due to the size of the packages, the bicycles are delivered by a shipping company. Packing stations or post offices cannot be delivered to.

The delivery time is usually 3-5 working days, we pack all bicycle orders before 2 p.m. on the same day, our shipping company picks up the bike the next working day, you will be notified of the exact delivery date by email before delivery.

Do you need more information about the current delivery status of your order? You can reach our customer service at or by phone at +49 3021963732 .

How do I receive my Airtracks bike and how do I get it ready to ride?

1. Remove packaging material

Your bike is 98% pre-assembled and will be delivered in a large package from Airtracks Sport. Open this, lift out the pre-assembled bike and remove the bubble wrap.

2. Straighten the handlebars

Now it's time for the fine adjustment. First, hold the front wheel between your knees and use an Allen key to loosen the stem screws. Straighten the handlebars so that the stem and front wheel are in line. If this is OK, tighten the Allen screws again. It works in a similar way with an Ahead stem: first loosen the stem screws, then hold the front wheel between your knees, straighten the stem and handlebars and tighten the side screws.

3. Attach pedals

Finally, the pedals are attached. Important: the right pedal must go into the right crank, and the left pedal into the left crank. The pedals are marked with an "R" and an "L". It is best to tighten the pedals with a wrench. Done!

I would like to return the bike I ordered, how do I proceed?

If a product does not meet your expectations, please contact us first by email or telephone. We will inform you about the return or instruct our transport service provider to collect the goods from you.

Customers can reach our service at: or by phone: +49 3021963732 .