Warranty / Guarantee

1. Warranty (liability for material defects)

The customer has a statutory warranty claim of 2 years. This applies to material, production and design defects.
Since January 2022, the burden of proof in the first 12 months from purchase lies with the dealer/manufacturer. They guarantee that their product is free of defects when the contract is concluded. From the 13th month onwards, the so-called "reversal of the burden of proof" applies. The burden of proof now lies with the consumer.
Before the change on January 1, 2022, the burden of proof on dealers/manufacturers applied for six months. From the 7th month onwards, the "reversal of the burden of proof" then applied.

The warranty applies to all products in our online shop and the stores. If a product purchased online is not free of defects, please contact us by phone at 030-210623732 or by email at vertrieb@airtracks.de

If the product was purchased from a third party (used), the warranty rules agreed between you and the third party apply. If the third party still had claims against the dealer because the 2-year period had not yet expired, they can assign these claims to you.

Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by improper use, force majeure, functional wear and tear or accidental damage.

2. Guarantee

Regardless of the statutory warranty, we currently provide a voluntary guarantee when purchasing an AIRTRACKS brand bicycle

  • of 4 years from the date of purchase on the frame. Our warranty conditions apply here, which
  • Please also note any manufacturer warranties that may exist for individual components. If such a warranty exists, you will find the necessary documentation in the vehicle documents.

Warranty conditions:

  • All complaints must be reported to the Airtracks dealer where the bike was purchased.
  • The voluntary manufacturer's warranty on the frame ends with the resale of the bicycle and therefore only applies to the original buyer.
  • The maintenance work specified in the operating instructions must have been carried out and documented.
  • The bike must be used in accordance with the original Airtracks operating instructions. This does not apply if modifications or installations are made to the bike, or if it is subjected to excessive strain, for example by exceeding the maximum permissible weight of the bike, which is stated on the vehicle's type plate.
  • The guarantee is also excluded if the bicycle is used for commercial purposes.
  • The guarantee does not apply to purchases of bicycles that are not fully assembled.
  • The frame warranty covers the frame of the bike.
    If it can no longer be used due to material or processing defects, Airtracks will replace it with an identical or equivalent frame. There is no right to retain the color or decor. If existing components can no longer be used due to technical changes (except for the motor and battery for Pedelecs), the costs for purchasing new suitable components are not covered by the guarantee and must be borne by the customer. This also applies to assembly and transport costs that are required for the exchange.
    If a suitable frame is no longer available, Airtracks reserves the right to credit the affected bike, taking into account the mileage and general condition (usage deduction). The amount of the deduction will be determined after an internal inspection in our company.